David and David at the Movies Volume Two

Hello, everyone! We’re not reviewing a movie this week. Instead you’re getting the cover image for Volume Two and David Carter’s introduction for that volume. We’ll be debuting the book at the Small Press Expo in Bethesda, Maryland at the Marriott North Bethesda Hotel and Conference Center on September 16th and 17th. We’ll be at tables K12-14A. More info is here: http://www.smallpressexpo.com/. And now, David Carter’s introduction:

Carter Introduction Volume Two

Well, here we are again. Somehow David Yoder and I have managed to keep this whole project going long enough to put out a Volume 2. I think it’s appropriate that Volume 2 be the months where we covered a lot of the summer releases, a huge chunk of which are sequels (one of which is literally subtitled Vol. 2). So hopefully if you pull anything from reading this compilation, it’ll be about the nature of continuing a story in interesting ways. But there was also a great summer for interesting original movies breaking through into the mainstream or striking a chord with a small audience. Like any summer season there were up and downs, but this year, in particular, has been so exciting to experience. We couldn’t cover everything we saw (on average I see at least two new releases a week and we can only cover one) but I hope this book has an eclectic enough selection for you to find and interesting POV on a film or type of film that interest you.

This time around our POV has expanded! We have some great guest artists and writers joining us for the weeks when we were just too busy to see a film or wanted a different outlook on a particular film. They really brought something special to the table and our anxiety and lethargy willing, if there’s a Volume 3, we can have more of these great perspectives and visual styles. Although in this volume, in our Power Rangers review, you do get to see my debut as an artist that the world just wasn’t quite ready for. Pearls before swine. Saltiness aside, thank you for buying,  borrowing, or even just glancing at our book. Without further ado, on with the show!

David Carter


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